Under The Sea Day!

Today I surprised my big little guy with an under the sea themed day. Its summer & he’s a nine year old boy who would spend AT LEAST half of his day playing video games if I didn’t tell him to do otherwise. The reality of summer is you can’t go on a vacation everyday. There are so many days that can fall to the wayside if you don’t keep you and your family busy with what I like to call, “mini adventures”. Hence, where my idea for “Under the Sea Day” came from. I just wanted a little something we could do in our own friendly quarters that would take his mind off of his PlayStation for a moment. Nothing incredibly outlandish, just plain old fashioned good times. I started with waking him up with “fish cakes”. Just pancakes in the shape of sea creatures, bacon seaweed & a side of fruit. Simple and he loved it. Score one for mom.

We let the food settle and then I started him on a “research project”. I asked him to pick a sea creature, research and write down seven facts about it. http://www.kids.nationalgeographic.com/ย is so awesome, even I got into it. Easy enough to navigate for a child and interesting enough to captivate the attention of an adult. He chose great white sharks and I sat with him and helped him sift through the reading to find facts for his project. ย He wasn’t thrilled about having to do a project but within two minutes of reading about the sharks he forgot it was a “project” and it ended up being fun for both of us. Score two for mom.

I try my best not to be a tyrant, so I did give him some free time following the project. I let him play outside. Use some of his never ending energy (so jealous) before I sat him down to watch a movie. Not just any movie… Free Willy! My son loves animals and movies. I love showing him movies I grew up on. How perfect. Free Willy was just as great as I remember, with lessons on life, love and family. Don’t tell him I told you, but my son has a heart the size of Texas and he cried Texas size tears watching this movie. It was the good kind of tears, and I was happy to see him get so into a movie I myself use to be so attached to. More points for mom.

We ate lunch served with a homemade ocean water (Ocean water: sprite, coconut extract, little extra water/sugar and blue food coloring). I added swedish fish for extra cool points. Take that Sonic!

After lunch it was pool time! Can’t have an under the sea day without a trip to the pool. We made it home in time for showers and a nap for Bailey before I started dinner. A dinner including wild caught cod no less. It was a really easy going day. Easy going but very special. I don’t know that my son will remember this day forever. I don’t know that it will be his favorite thing he did this summer, but I do know that he had fun. He had fun without touching the PlayStation. He used his imagination, he learned new things and he smiled really big today. Just a couple of funny shaped pancakes and a little thought and we had ourselves a pretty awesome mini vacation. Pick a theme and a few activities and have a wonderful day with your children!




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