The Globepainter


Julien Seth Malland, also known as Globepainter after his most recent project, is a world-renowned street artist from Paris.

Initially Malland caught my eye because of his whimsical, almost romantic images and unapologetic use of color. Only after being entranced by his style did I fall deeper in love with his work once I learned of the message behind it. Malland, since at least 2003, has traveled far and wide (China, Mexico, India etc) decorating the world with his colorful pieces. His often socially charged images now grace the sides of abandoned buildings and otherwise disregarded street corners. He submerges himself in the community, often recruiting those that live there to be a part of his work. Take his recent trip to Baton Rouge for example. Children of the surrounding area helped to paint each individual patch on the dress of a girl pictured with her lantern (forgive me, I can not find the official name of the piece). He takes time to get to know the community and the people in it. Offering them a chance to help beautify the place they live in. I can not get enough of him or his work. His work involves such a love of the globe and the people in it. What an inspiration. I will never be able to get enough of this.

Julien Seth Malland does have an official instagram account if you would like to follow him for updates of his work @seth_globepainter.


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