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Natural Solutions to Fever & Ear Infections

It has been 9+ years since my eldest’s prefered mode of transportation was my hip. I haven’t dealt with the thought of an ear infection since… Well, I don’t remember when. It was, however, long before I was aware of the importance of debate on natural vs man made medicine. So when my daughter started to fuss early this week I prayed it was the new teeth she had peaking through her gums. If not… I was armed with a brand new arsenal of ways to naturally kick some germ butt.

A Few Things I’ve Learned Along The Way:

  • First, let me just say… apple cider vinegar. I remember, as a child,  my mother laying ACV soaked rags over my chest in lieu of a on-coming cold. At the time I thought it was gross. Just another form of torture inflicted upon me to keep everyone far away from me and my cooties. Turns out my mom knew what she was doing. ACV is a great detoxifier, it alkalizes your body and reduces inflammation. As I mentioned, you can soak a rag in ACV and lay it either on the head or over the chest. Some remedies even recommend wrapping the feet as to draw the fever out. An ACV bath, which is what I gave Bailey this time, is also an alternative. 1 cup of ACV in a warm bath is the typical suggestion.
  • DO NOT PUT YOUR CHILD IN A COLD BATH. Though this seems like a logical method to lower their temperature, it is far too aggressive to be beneficial. You do want to lower your child’s temperature, you do not want to lower it so quickly that it may be harmful. You can send them into shock or induce a febrile seizure like I spoke of earlier. Warm baths are always best.
  • Garlic. Garlic. Garlic. This super food has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times, throughout many cultures. Garlic is readily available and an extremely inexpensive way to treat your child’s cold, fever or congestion. There are a few ways different applications when trying to use garlic in place of over the counter medicine. You can make garlic paste [blend fresh garlic cloves with a bit of olive or coconut oil] and apply it to the bottom of your child’s feet in efforts to get rid of fever. Either wrap the foot loosely in gauze or just put socks over the applied feet. You can also put fresh garlic cloves in a small container of olive oil and use it as drops for an ear infection. I was told by a family friend that they have put the garlic clove directly in the ear (not inside, on the surface) of their children, same as you would put a cotton ball into the ear.
  • To cool your child down during a fever it is best do so from the inside out. You can do this with an assortment of cold treats or drinks. There is a great recipe for herbal smoothie freezer pops at www.mommypotamus.com

Reality: kids get sick. Messy and not the least bit conscious of the germs that are ever-present in their lives. This is the way it should be. Kids should be kids. We as parents just have to be prepared for when the germs attack. Antibiotics shouldn’t always be our first line of defense. Sometimes all it takes is a little of what you already have in your kitchen. So keep calm and keep it natural.


Below is the link to an awesome article on reasons to treat your children’s ear infections naturally. Did you know dropping breast milk in the ear can help cure ear infections?!

Ear Infections

One Man’s Trash…

This chandelier has been sitting around so long, I don’t even remember where it came from. It even ended up on the curb, then picked up by someone thinking it was trash & somehow made it back to me. In other words, this chandelier and I are meant to be. Only after my daughter’s birth did I know exactly what I wanted to do with it. Because what 6 month old doesn’t want a chandelier in their room? Right? As you can see it wasn’t in too good of shape. The previous owner had keys hanging from the bottom, loose wires coming from spaces that once held light bulbs and the typical rust of an old metal work. To get this beauty back in tip top, first I cut the wires and keys from each necessary outlet. I also reshaped some of the leaves by hand, due to neglect, many of them had been twisted and turned. Easy peasy. Then there was the rust…

I’ve read more than once that you can remove rust from metal with Coca-Cola. I’m a nerd at heart, so I love to see if weird solutions like this actually work. I thought the worst that could happen is I make a sticky mess and possibly waste $2. No biggie. Let’s do this! I doused the whole chandelier in soda and waited at least 30 minutes. From what I read the acid in the Coke is suppose to eat away at the rust, no sanding necessary. This was not the case for me. Though the rust had obviously been irritated, it wasn’t gone. I used a little metal scrub brush (like one you would use to clean a grill) to disturb and strip the rest of the surface. After a little sanding it looked good to go for paint. I did not prime it at all. Mostly because I liked the original yellow color and I figured if some started to poke through the new Tiffany blue paint, it might give it a nice antique affect. I used almost the whole can of spray paint, three different coats, waiting 20 minutes in between coats (the brand of spray paint I used suggested only 10 minutes between coats). The paint job turned out well and I am in love with the results!

My son even got something out of the whole experience… I let him drink the left over soda! Everyone wins!

Under The Sea Day!

Today I surprised my big little guy with an under the sea themed day. Its summer & he’s a nine year old boy who would spend AT LEAST half of his day playing video games if I didn’t tell him to do otherwise. The reality of summer is you can’t go on a vacation everyday. There are so many days that can fall to the wayside if you don’t keep you and your family busy with what I like to call, “mini adventures”. Hence, where my idea for “Under the Sea Day” came from. I just wanted a little something we could do in our own friendly quarters that would take his mind off of his PlayStation for a moment. Nothing incredibly outlandish, just plain old fashioned good times. I started with waking him up with “fish cakes”. Just pancakes in the shape of sea creatures, bacon seaweed & a side of fruit. Simple and he loved it. Score one for mom.

We let the food settle and then I started him on a “research project”. I asked him to pick a sea creature, research and write down seven facts about it. http://www.kids.nationalgeographic.com/ is so awesome, even I got into it. Easy enough to navigate for a child and interesting enough to captivate the attention of an adult. He chose great white sharks and I sat with him and helped him sift through the reading to find facts for his project.  He wasn’t thrilled about having to do a project but within two minutes of reading about the sharks he forgot it was a “project” and it ended up being fun for both of us. Score two for mom.

I try my best not to be a tyrant, so I did give him some free time following the project. I let him play outside. Use some of his never ending energy (so jealous) before I sat him down to watch a movie. Not just any movie… Free Willy! My son loves animals and movies. I love showing him movies I grew up on. How perfect. Free Willy was just as great as I remember, with lessons on life, love and family. Don’t tell him I told you, but my son has a heart the size of Texas and he cried Texas size tears watching this movie. It was the good kind of tears, and I was happy to see him get so into a movie I myself use to be so attached to. More points for mom.

We ate lunch served with a homemade ocean water (Ocean water: sprite, coconut extract, little extra water/sugar and blue food coloring). I added swedish fish for extra cool points. Take that Sonic!

After lunch it was pool time! Can’t have an under the sea day without a trip to the pool. We made it home in time for showers and a nap for Bailey before I started dinner. A dinner including wild caught cod no less. It was a really easy going day. Easy going but very special. I don’t know that my son will remember this day forever. I don’t know that it will be his favorite thing he did this summer, but I do know that he had fun. He had fun without touching the PlayStation. He used his imagination, he learned new things and he smiled really big today. Just a couple of funny shaped pancakes and a little thought and we had ourselves a pretty awesome mini vacation. Pick a theme and a few activities and have a wonderful day with your children!