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Oh, baby!


Ladies & gentlemen, my co-blogger for the evening. She doesn’t write much but she is full of sweet inspiration 🙂

The Globepainter


Julien Seth Malland, also known as Globepainter after his most recent project, is a world-renowned street artist from Paris.

Initially Malland caught my eye because of his whimsical, almost romantic images and unapologetic use of color. Only after being entranced by his style did I fall deeper in love with his work once I learned of the message behind it. Malland, since at least 2003, has traveled far and wide (China, Mexico, India etc) decorating the world with his colorful pieces. His often socially charged images now grace the sides of abandoned buildings and otherwise disregarded street corners. He submerges himself in the community, often recruiting those that live there to be a part of his work. Take his recent trip to Baton Rouge for example. Children of the surrounding area helped to paint each individual patch on the dress of a girl pictured with her lantern (forgive me, I can not find the official name of the piece). He takes time to get to know the community and the people in it. Offering them a chance to help beautify the place they live in. I can not get enough of him or his work. His work involves such a love of the globe and the people in it. What an inspiration. I will never be able to get enough of this.

Julien Seth Malland does have an official instagram account if you would like to follow him for updates of his work @seth_globepainter.


Hello, moon. You’re looking super.

A new moon teaches gradualness
And deliberation and how one gives birth
To oneself slowly. Patience with small details
Makes perfect a large work, like the universe.
What nine months of attention does for an embryo
Forty early mornings will do
For your gradually growing

August 10, 2014 Super Moon


70’s Hair



I am a big hair advocate. Mostly because I naturally have big hair and I stopped trying to fight it a long time ago. I could be biased, but I think big hair is sexy. Women with big hair are the “ladies in red”… Confident creatures, unafraid of the side eyes and curious glances of those around them. Few have carried this confidence like the women of the 70’s. Rebellion running fresh in their blood. They had a undeniable air about them that has yet to be duplicated. Was it the hair? Possibly.

Bee different.



There has never been another quite like the 90’s supermodel… Oh, take me back.

Naomi, Christy, Cindy… Why hast thou forsaken me?


Elie Saab Fall/Winter Couture Show


I seriously can’t get enough of this collection. I’ve been pretty obsessed with Elie Saab for some years now. I mean… crystals, pearls and lace galore. What is not to obsess over? My head says, “Never gonna happen,” while my heart says, “True love always finds a way.”I think all moms should be gifted a couture gown once a year. To drink wine in and such after the children go to bed. I could see this readily increasing the success of the American family. You know, one of those things to do when I become president.

My Dream Workout

Pilates & Wine


Virtuous Woman



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