70’s Hair


I am a big hair advocate. Mostly because I naturally have big hair and I stopped trying to fight it a long time ago. I could be biased, but I think big hair is sexy. Women with big hair are the “ladies in red”… Confident creatures, unafraid of the side eyes and curious glances of those around them. Few have carried this confidence like the women of the 70’s. Rebellion running fresh in their blood. They had a undeniable air about them that has yet to be duplicated. Was it the hair? Possibly.


Babes and Beignets


Beignets, how do I love thee.

Remember how I mentioned I will post mostly healthy, occasionally sinful recipes for you all? Well this is one of those sinful recipes. Like, sugar covered crispy fried pastry sinful. Proceed at your own diet risk…

Beignets are a well known staple of Creole cuisine, brought to Louisiana by way of French colonists in the 1800’s. Growing up in the south with a mother from New Orleans, these tasty treats are a dessert I have loved since a tender age. They have the same affect as a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day. They just take you there.

Fairly easy to make, just a bit time consuming. Things like folding, rolling and letting the dough rise do not allow for a rush job on this recipe. Be prepared to wait. Let your kids or significant other help. Baking with someone you love helps to ease the process. And its just fun! My son helped me roll the dough and loved it. He got to show me how strong he was AND stick his fingers in an enormous mushy ball of dough.

I thought this version, by way of http://www.halfbakedharvest.com, was easy to follow and is actually a beignet tiramisu with chocolate ganache recipe. Yes, you read correctly, tiramisu and ganache… I mean we’re already going there. Why not? I only used the beignet recipe this time, everything turned out very well. I’m definetly adding the ganache next go round. The beignets were perfectly sweet and soft on the inside.

My tips: Keep an eye on how quick they cook. Be prepared to flip the beignets often. Don’t cut the pieces too big or they will have a hard time cooking through. Bon appetit!

One Man’s Trash…

This chandelier has been sitting around so long, I don’t even remember where it came from. It even ended up on the curb, then picked up by someone thinking it was trash & somehow made it back to me. In other words, this chandelier and I are meant to be. Only after my daughter’s birth did I know exactly what I wanted to do with it. Because what 6 month old doesn’t want a chandelier in their room? Right? As you can see it wasn’t in too good of shape. The previous owner had keys hanging from the bottom, loose wires coming from spaces that once held light bulbs and the typical rust of an old metal work. To get this beauty back in tip top, first I cut the wires and keys from each necessary outlet. I also reshaped some of the leaves by hand, due to neglect, many of them had been twisted and turned. Easy peasy. Then there was the rust…

I’ve read more than once that you can remove rust from metal with Coca-Cola. I’m a nerd at heart, so I love to see if weird solutions like this actually work. I thought the worst that could happen is I make a sticky mess and possibly waste $2. No biggie. Let’s do this! I doused the whole chandelier in soda and waited at least 30 minutes. From what I read the acid in the Coke is suppose to eat away at the rust, no sanding necessary. This was not the case for me. Though the rust had obviously been irritated, it wasn’t gone. I used a little metal scrub brush (like one you would use to clean a grill) to disturb and strip the rest of the surface. After a little sanding it looked good to go for paint. I did not prime it at all. Mostly because I liked the original yellow color and I figured if some started to poke through the new Tiffany blue paint, it might give it a nice antique affect. I used almost the whole can of spray paint, three different coats, waiting 20 minutes in between coats (the brand of spray paint I used suggested only 10 minutes between coats). The paint job turned out well and I am in love with the results!

My son even got something out of the whole experience… I let him drink the left over soda! Everyone wins!